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The upgraded version of melissakartini. This blog will largely serve as a hub for all things lifestyle-related, with a strong emphasis on culture and travel in the future.

The Writer

“You only learn to be a better writer by actually writing.”

-Doris Lessing

Hi! My name is Melissa Kartini, and I’m a¬†multiracial lady with a love for writing.

Like most writers, I have my own little corner on the Internet- this blog right here.

Blogging aside, I’ve assumed numerous online pseudonyms over the years for the purpose of writing fiction and beta reading. To a certain extent, I still do.¬†Other hobbies I have include binge-watching TV shows, reading and listening to music. On very rare occasions, I might pick up a pencil and draw.

Somewhere along the way, I developed an interest in learning new languages and have been taking language classes to satiate this growing curiosity. I’m currently studying Japanese, and due to extreme time constraints, have placed studying Mandarin and Portuguese on hold. As an extension of learning new languages and in turn, cultures, I’ve grown to adore travelling. I’d love to travel to as many countries as I can!

As for other interests, I also like Muay Thai and partaking in charity work whenever possible.

I hope to one day retire a happy, old cat lady with next to no worries in mind. Obviously this is going to take awhile.