Nearly 10 Years Later and How Things Have Changed

I always talk about how much I have changed, but what about the people around me? This was something I realised when my friends and I started talking about how different the people we know are now.

Back in the day, a lot of our schoolmates who never wore headscarves now wear them, a lot of those that did have now long taken them off, and those who seemed to be heading in a career-driven direction have settled down to become housewives instead. It’s weird, isn’t it?

I look at myself, remember how much I lacked direction, and look at myself now and how I know exactly what I want to do and when. And I look at old friends, recall how adamantly career-minded they used to be, and see how they’re now contentedly carrying babies, their previous ambitions cast aside. Life has a really weird way of changing things.

It seems I have a knack for picking close friends who are heading in the same direction as I am, though. They are all single men and women who, despite not being totally against having a casual relationship at this point in time, have absolutely no desire to marry right now and would much rather focus on their careers. To us, furthering our careers and saving money are much more important right now than raising a family. A life choice that may shoot us in the foot later on, but hey.

We’re happy exactly where we are.

We’d just like to get as much out of our youth as possible before we have to start thinking about caring for other people, if at all.

Though who knows, maybe life will decide to pull a joke on us and this time next year we’ll all do a 180 onĀ  our life choices. Haha. (God, I hope not.)


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