My Experience Trying Out Tinder

For anyone who knows me, the idea of me using a dating app is nothing short of hilarious. Mel, the woman who actively avoids men? Mel, the woman whose favourite answer to men is the word “No”? Mel, the very same woman who’d sooner raise a robot baby on her own than settle down with an actual man? This perception is especially acute with people I work with, as I do not like mixing my personal life with work. Friends, on the other hand, believe that I’m simply fussy, while those who are closer to me know that that isn’t the case.

Anyway, what prompted me into signing up for Tinder was actually work. Some of the best-performing articles nearly always have to do with love and relationships- and seeing that I work for a social media company and that online dating is interesting enough to write a lot about, I thought that writing about Tinder could be good.

I was initially reluctant to sign up for the app because I couldn’t be bothered to speak to anyone new, so I asked around if it’s possible to write about it without being a member (lazy, I know haha). I was told that it would be much better to try Tinder out for myself. Understanding I was fighting a losing battle, I eventually relented and downloaded the app.

My experience on it so far has been interesting, to say the least.

For one thing, I’ve not gotten matched with any perverts. This probably has a lot to do with how stringent I am with my swipes. I’m nearly always swiping left. The only ones I swiped right on are the ones interested in friendship or the ones I feel I can talk to.

As a result, I got matched with fairly decent men. Most are pleasant enough to talk to, so Tinder really is a good way to pass the time when I have nothing else to do lol. Exp: I’m usually on Tinder during my long af commute to and from work on the train.

I won’t go into too much detail about my interactions with them, but just so people won’t misunderstand me, I don’t go on Tinder with the intention to catfish or manipulate. That would be highly unethical. Plus, I’ve never liked wasting time by beating about the bush, so I’ve been genuine and very honest in my communications. I just treat Tinder as another way to meet new people and make new friends, much like how I use other social media.

That said, if a potential relationship is born from this, I will not oppose. After all, I’ve met some of the best people online, and these very people have become some of my best friends. But because Tinder is an app, I’ll exercise a lot more caution than I would with someone I got to know irl rather than online.


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