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5 Technological Advancements That Should Be on Your Radar

With everything that happens in our world today, it is all too easy to get lost in an endless sea of information. Therefore it is only natural for more than a few news pieces to slip past our notice- no matter how amazing they are. Here are a couple of examples -specifically in the technological field- that… Read More 5 Technological Advancements That Should Be on Your Radar

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Anime Review: Your Name

Genre: Supernatural, Romance Rating: 8-8.5/10. I can’t decide because dang it, I want more Hailed as the movie to beat Miyazaki’s famed “Spirited Away” in 2016, “Your Name” immediately impresses with its beautiful use of colours in its animation. There are few anime that can leave me in awe over its aesthetic artistry; this is… Read More Anime Review: Your Name

Anime/Manga, Review

Anime Review: Erased

Genre: Fantasy, mystery, thriller Rating: 10/10 with lovely animation to boot After the slew of disappointing anime after disappointing anime, my interest in this particular brand of animation started to dwindle for awhile there. So much that I went for months without watching one, with even a year in between viewings. A bit sad, considering how large… Read More Anime Review: Erased