Interlude: Off for Vacation

Phew. Here’s the first unscheduled post I’ve done in a while (yeah, a couple of the past few posts were written as early as a month before. The birthday one 2 weeks prior).

Anyway, I’m exhausted. In preparation for my vacation, I spent the past few weeks with my eyeballs up in work. It got to the point where I started scheduling hang outs and meetings with words like “Well, I’m free for 2 hours on Sunday”, working well past midnight, missing/forgetting meals because I was so busy working, working on the LRT and despite it being weeks, I’ve not had time to just sit down and pack. My God.

(As I sit here typing this on my mobile during my ride on the LRT, I still haven’t had the chance to pack.)

Though to be honest, it’s not like it’s any different even when I don’t have a vacation to prepare for. I’m always out, whether for work or classes,  and I barely spend any time in my room. My calendar is filled to the brim, and if anyone wants to meet up, we often have to plan weeks or a month in advance – even then, it’s for a few hours, never the entire day. Getting to plan just a week earlier is considered lucky. Hell, even scheduling a phone call is horrendous. I struggle to squeeze a simple phone call into my schedule. At one point, I told the guy I’ve been speaking to for over half a year that I could only talk to him on the phone in a week. There was one time I couldn’t even answer his one little call omg I’m horrible 🙁 It’s miraculous that we still correspond pretty regularly. Almost daily, really. (He’s flying over from Japan in about 2 months. Hopefully I’ll be able to pry myself away from everything then)

My Japanese friends have even commented on more than one occasion that I “work like a Japanese”. RIP me.

So yeah. I’m thankful that tomorrow is the start of my vacation in Japan. As much as I love my friends and family, doing charity/volunteer work and of course, my job, I need a break. A break from all the constant rushing about and attending to every tug on my sleeve. A break from just doing. I need some peace and quiet, man.


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